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October 2007 Fire


DVD Video presented by:  David J. Getoff
Naturopath and Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist

WARNING: The information contained on this 3-hour video can change your life by improving your health. Most of what you will learn from this video is NOT being taught by medical doctors, registered dieticians, or most nutritionists. Have you ever wondered why so many people are eating "healthier" but still dying of the same diseases? It's because the "healthier" diets they are eating are not really healthy. Learn the facts rather than the politics, and watch your health improve!

This video has been updated a few times over the years, and is now being completely re-taped for release in July or August 2006. The format has is DVD only. Chapters have been added for convenience in locating specific food topics on this DVD only (not the other 5 videos in the class series described later). The professional film clips are still included with the exposés on both aspartame (Nutrasweet®) and genetically modified foods.

This video was developed for use in my private practice so that patients can begin to learn the important requirements of a healthy diet, while waiting for their initial consultation. This video will single-handedly instruct you on the facts about fats, soy products, animal proteins, sugars, grains, dairy, and much, much more. It is one of the best investments you can make in your health and is also one of the best gifts you could possibly give to someone you love. You can order the video from the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation link below. The price is $59.95 plus applicable taxes and shipping. You may also phone them at 1-800-FOODS4U or 619-462-7600.

FOR ON-LINE ORDERING or www.ppnf.org

Video presented by:  David J. Getoff
Naturopath and Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist

This is a 6 box set containing 7 DVD's for a total of over 14 hours of instructional information. The first 2 DVD's were recently re-done and the rest was filmed live during one of my courses in the Grossmont Hospital Auditorium in La Mesa California. This eight-session course has been condensed onto six videos without sacrificing any information. In addition, I have secured written permission to include 3 actual professional videos that I normally show during my classes, onto these tapes. These spliced-in videos include Dr. Hal Huggins talking about the dangers of silver amalgam fillings and the deadly mercury issue; the National Vaccine Information Center video on the facts about childhood vaccines; and an important video on the suppressed dangers of fluoride in our water, our toothpastes, and our foods with various scientists testifying about these dangers. This is in addition to the 2 professional video excerpts that are on video number one described earlier.

Some of the topics covered include:

Good and bad fats;
Should we be vegetarian;
The dangers of sugar and other sweet tasting foods;
The truth about stevia;

The dangers of aspartame (Nutrasweet®);
The truth about bread and pasta;
The truth about juices;
Are whole grains really whole, and should we eat them;
The truth about soy foods;
Are dairy products good or bad and why;
Should we eat organic foods;

The dangers of genetically modified foods;
Which protein sources are best, and how should they be cooked;
Butter vs margarine;
Are eggs good or bad;
How much water should we drink; and should it be bottled, distilled, or filtered in some other way;
Which water filters are best;
What are anti-oxidants;
Is sunlight good for us;
Why are most fluorescent lights harmful;
What is full-spectrum lighting;
What toxins are in the air we breathe;
What filters or purifiers can we buy to remove these toxins;
Are the silver amalgam fillings in our mouths really dangerous, and can any dentist remove them correctly;
What is the truth about adult and childhood vaccinations;
Can anything be done to help those who have been damaged by vaccinations;
What types of cookware are healthy, and why should we avoid using microwave ovens;
Are non-stick cooking coatings okay to use;
Should we take supplemental vitamins; and if so, which brands are the best;
What to look for in a multi-vitamin;
How about vitamins A, E. C. D, calcium, selenium, melatonin, 5HTP, CoQ-10, coral calcium;
What about hormone replacement therapy;
and MUCH MUCH more.

This complete 6 box set of DVD's, my entire holistic health course, may be purchased for only $250.00 plus applicable shipping and sales taxes.

FOR ON-LINE ORDERING or www.ppnf.org or call the foundation at 1-800-FOODS4U or 619-462-7600.


DVD Video presented by:  David J. Getoff
Naturopath and Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist

This 3-hour video was created to give you an important skill that can help improve the health of those you love. Muscle testing (sometimes referred to as muscle response testing and applied kinesiology) is a scientific method of obtaining information. The information is generally regarding whether a specific substance (a food, a nutritional supplement, etc.) will be beneficial or not for the person being tested.

Most people and most health practitioners who utilize this form of testing are not doing it correctly, and therefore, their results may not be very good (although it often helps them sell a great many supplements which I'm sorry to say is often their true intent).

Muscle testing can be learned on a non professional basis in as few as 3 hours if taught correctly. It needs to be practiced in order for you to become proficient, but if you are not taught correctly, your results will never be good.

In order to gain the experience necessary, it is absolutely essential that you practice the skills you learn, on many people, as well as having all your questions answered by a qualified professional. This was all covered in class and is shown clearly on the professionally taped 3-hour video that was shot during an actual class in San Diego.

This 3-hour DVD video can be purchased for $69.95 plus applicable taxes and shipping charges.
FOR ON-LINE ORDERING or www.ppnf.org

DETOXIFICATION - Now available at Price-Pottenger link
DVD Video presented by:  David J. Getoff
Naturopath and Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist

How to reduce your risks for numerous degenerative and even fatal conditions by helping to detoxify the cells of your body. How to properly address chemical and environmental sensitivities by reducing your toxic load. How to support/improve/detoxify your liver and kidneys (In some cases I have even helped people to get off of the transplant list). How to improve your energy level and your feeling of well being by reducing the amount of chemical residue in your body. How to slowly and properly chelate out the mercury, lead, and other heavy metals that cause and increase the risk of numerous emotional, neurological and immunological conditions.

Videos (DVD’S) currently scheduled to be released 2007 and possibly 2008. THESE TITLES ARE NOT IN ORDER OF RELEASE. I do not know the order. Other titles will be added as I decide the most important topics. Check www.ppnf.org for CD recording of some of my lectures and for my other videos. Check www.ppnf.org for availability and pricing.

FLAVORING FOODS FOR YOUR HEALTH - Now available at www.ppnf.org
A foolproof way for learning to season and spice like a chef

MAKING YOUR OWN HEALTHY SALAD (and other) DRESSINGS - Now available at www.ppnf.org
And healthy mayonnaise as well

CANCER - Your Doctor's Lack of Knowledge Can Shorten Your Life - Now available at www.ppnf.org
What you need to know immediately, or at least as soon as possible
(preferably BEFORE you begin any treatment)

HOW TO REVERSE HEART DISEASES NATURALLY - Now available at www.ppnf.org
Everything you know is wrong
Everything being taught to doctors & dieticians is wrong
Learn what the research REALLY shows and how to reverse your condition

Holistic therapies to the rescue. Does your child really have a Drug deficiency? Not very likely.

How to reduce your risks for numerous degenerative and even fatal conditions by helping to detoxify the cells of your body

DIABETES - Now available at www.ppnf.org
Learn how to eat so as to reduce or eliminate your body's need for diabetic drugs, while helping the body heal.

What is believed, what has been researched, why do doctors still believe vaccines are safe and that nothing can be done towards reversing these conditions.

There ARE things you can do, and it is NOT all in your head.
I was originally going to produce a separate DVD on this topic. After completing my recently released (2008) DVD on Detoxification, I realized that since this is the majority of what is required for EI and MCS, a separate video is not needed. Utilizing my Detoxification video along with my eating video, the viewer has the tools to begin the long slow road back to health. When my DVD set on Supplements comes out before the end of 2008, the last piece of the puzzle will be completed.

Mercury, cadmium, nickel and gold in your mouth, what you need to know.
Root canals - what does the research actually show
What health conditions may originate in your mouth

How to get the excellent researched benefits from: Gingko, Echinacea, hawthorn, saw palmetto, Chlorella,

The hazards of sweets, breads and pasta. The uses Beta glucan, Echinacea, colostrum, olive leaf extract, propolis, colloidal silver, vitamin C, vitamin A, and other immune enhancing supplements.

How to use gingko, vinpocetine, phosphatidyl serine and choline, vitamin E complex and other nutrients to support memory function.

As I continue writing and producing my educational DVD videos (and the phenomenal 14 CD attaining optimal health audio course) which is already available at www.PPNF.org. I recently realized something. Three of these productions, the Eating for optimal Health, The Detoxification, and the Supplements video scheduled for late 2008, form one of the most important Trilogies of health promoting and health attaining information and instruction that have ever been available to either the public or the health profession. It will be my intention to make this available as a set at a slight discount over the individual prices. I will be discussing this with the Price-Pottenger Foundation after the final DVD on supplements is completed so stay tuned. Giving this set to someone you love as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or similar important celebration would epitomize the phrases- The gift of health, or the gift that keeps on giving.

Click here for a printable single page full color advertisement for the DVD's that are currently available as of April 2008.

For a more complete web page, completely devoted only to my DVD's and (CD's), please use the following link: www.NutritionEducationDVDs.com.

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Note:  The information on this web site is for informational use only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition or to take the place of your physician. Always consult the appropriate health care professional when you have health problems that you feel might require professional attention.

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